22 October 2007

Maybe Labor?

I've been contracting sort of regularly since around 4am... I know it was happening even longer though because they woke me up a couple times. Much more intense than braxton hicks. It was almost like deja vu. When labor started with Sully, I was in bed around 6am, tiny groans escaping with each one. That was what I was doing this morning. I did get up to eat around 7, because one thing I didn't do with Sully was eat. (Caayn and I calculated that I hadn't eaten in almost 3 days by the time I had my first meal after the c-section. How insane is that? Gotta love hospitals who don't allow laboring mothers food.)

They've since slowed down. I'm left with lower back pain, occasional attack of cervical pain, and probably one contraction in10 minutes. The cervical pain is the worst. Sully came to wake me up, and during one of those episode things, he jumped on me. OMG. Yowzers. I'm pretty sure my vision sort of faded and I yelled for Achilles to get off of me right now!! Poor dog, he wasn't even in the room. I have a feeling laboring with Sully in the house is going to be not so fun.

So today is going to be a nice slow day. I'm going to do a lot of bouncing on my birthing ball, probably walk around as much as I can... whatever I can do to make the lower back pain go away--it seems to spread into the muscles on the back of my hips, which makes standing still or sitting for long kind of achy and painful. I do have an appt today! I keep forgetting.

I swear I had a great post for today... about a really crazy driver.... It'll have to wait for now, maybe I can come back to it later. :)

Also, Sully has managed to break our fridge lock. Which sucks majorly. Apparently he had wandered around the house this morning before coming up. He ate the rest of one of the pumpkin pies. (Yesterday morning he had brought up a whole pie and ate it quietly outside of our bedroom door until he was ready for us to get up...) Hmm. Stinker! And he also seems to have gotten into the box of diapers that we bought yesterday.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll post again later. Cross appendages and stuff that we see baby!


Lauren said...

Good luck! If this is, indeed, it...then I wish you an easy labor and birth!