23 October 2007

So Long, WoW

At this time, Blizzard has no plans to delete or "expire" characters, even if an account is deactivated or cancelled. This means that all of your characters and their progress will be retained on our servers. Should you decide to return to World of Warcraft and reactivate your account, you will be able to pick up your characters again wherever you left off.

I did it. I said bye-bye. It's still a fun game, and if I were in the mood, I would still love to play. I just hit the 40s slump where there aren't enough quests to keep me interested; all I was doing was grinding and that was no fun at all. Maybe one day I'll play again. It was a lot of fun having something like that to do with Caayn--we were very good at completing quests together, using each others strengths and weaknesses.

For the record, I have been WoW-free since September 25th, which was my last log-in. And I hadn't logged in for a month before that because all the auction stuff in my inbox had been deleted. Go me! Even Caayn doesn't play too often anymore, even though he is SOOOO close to the Outlands that its silly. He's back to playing UT, which sucks... he always gets mad at that game, and I'm not supposed to talk to him when he plays it because then he pays attention to me and dies a lot. Ugh. (I tried playing UT once... I sucked. Badly. Secretly, I am really bad at video games, even though I love watching people play them.)