15 October 2007


It seems like I am forever waiting for something. This very second I am waiting for my red raspberry leaf tea to finish steeping. I'm now waiting for this contraction to end. I'm waiting for Caayn to come home for lunch. I'm waiting to leave to my appointment with my midwife, where upon arrival, I will wait again in a room specifically made for waiting in.

I don't mind waiting. I have patience, for the most part.

Sully has started waking earlier and earlier, it seems. He now comes up to our bedroom, all kisses and love, before spouting off the list of items he'd like for breakfast. Achilles doesn't like this early morning intrusion. He's a dog who appreciates sleeping in until noon each day. I don't mind it too much. Normally I prefer waking early as opposed to later because I feel like you miss a lot of the day. But being hugely pregnant has sucked the last of my energy. I'm exhausted all the time. Sunday was my turn to sleep in, and I slept until 10 minutes before noon. I haven't done that since before we had Sully! It was good.

He is also more excited about Mr. L. Sometimes he'll turn to me, pull up his shirt, and ask with a grin, "Who's in there?" And he wants to teach him how to color and to read. I'm ready too. I know, I say this in every post, but it is still true. Quite a few of the bloggers I read are currently pregnant. And I swear, their pregnancies are just flying by. Mine seems to be lingering on and on.

I bet my tea is done steeping, but I'll let it go longer.

I've also been going crazy over this whole whippet thing. Can it be I am trying to fill this remaining time with something tangible? I spend hours going through breeder websites, checking for updates on their newest litters or waiting for a litter to be born. I read articles and articles about them. We still really want to adopt one, but it really is slow going. The only state that constantly has a whippet is Oregon. I don't know how the lady does it, but I swear she must have like 10 whippets in reserve or something.

I contacted the breeder referral gal with the AWC (American Whippet Club), who referred me to a good breeder (who is also a judge of the breeder in dog shows) in Minnesota... we're being particular in that we don't want a puppy. We want a dog between the ages of 1 and 5. He didn't have any currently, but gave me a referral to another breeder in Minnesota who might have one. This is good. I feel like I'm making progress, even if I am mostly not. At least I am making some contacts in the whippet field.

My mom just called, interrupted the writing of this post. I then forgot about my tea. I think it steeped for around 20 minutes, possibly longer. Oh well, it'll just be that much stronger! She's so funny. We always talk about the weirdest things, and she always gets really excited about whatever is going on out here. She didn't provide a really good childhood (did the same thing with my brother--spent too much time wanting to be our friends not our parent), and since getting to the point in my life where I needed someone constant, we've been a lot closer. I think she gets so excited about things because I'm finally living a happy, healthy, good life. Which is something she has never seen for me, and she has never experienced herself, until recently.

We just bought Stephen Colbert's book, I Am America (And So Can You). Oh my freaking gosh, it is hilarious. I flipped through it a lot yesterday, and once I got a chance to dig in, only made a few pages in... but it promises to be a good read. He reminds me of myself, in that we are wordy bastards. He has little notes in the margins (with silly things that are very much like The Word), and then he also makes silly footnotes. If I wrote a book, I bet it would be very similar. I can't wait to keep reading.

I also need to buy a new George Carlin book. He is one of my favorite comedians, and his books can get me to tears from laughing so hard. I figure one of those ought to help through some of the labor. After all, laughter is good for you.

Caayn bought me an 8gb iPod nano yesterday from ebay. I'm super excited! I want to fill it up with good stuff for labor and afterwards too. However, this does mean I need to track down some missing cds. Uh, like my ultimate Dean Martin cd that has been missing for at least a year. GRRR. I love me some Dean Martin. And I've also got to find some music filled good sounds, which will require extensive google searching and speedy delivery services.

Took Achilles to the dog park yesterday. Not a single dog was there. I think he was bored stiff. He didn't even start running around until Caayn and I chased him around a bit. (Well, okay, I didn't chase so much as dodge at him when he came running by, to spur him into a faster run--it's too painful to run at this point.)

I have correspondences I need to reply to. It's so weird feeling. I have to be professional, which is surprisingly difficult when you haven't done that in ages. I have Caayn look them over to make sure I don't sound like some ditz with 3 brain cells. (Have you seen my blog? This is how I write! Geez.) Anyway, I'd better go hop on those. Otherwise they'll sit for who knows how long. I'm not the world's best at keeping up through emails. Unless you are Caayn, my mom or Jimmy, you generally have to wait long periods of time before I get around to you. Kind of silly too, considering how much I like to type. Oh well! I'd better stop now, or else I'll just keep going on and on.