02 October 2007

Big Boy is Home

Just a quick update... not sure if I feel up to writing a whole post. I sort of feel like crap right now.

Big Boy was taken to the base vet, where the receptionist proceeded to be PWNED by Caayn. She had no clue how to look this sort of stuff up (was going to search husky, but seriously? thats one of the most popular breeds out here, since they withstand the cold of our frigid winters)... Caayn told her what to do and she did it. The owner was contacted. Apparently they had contacted the Law Enforcement desk, reporting their missing dog. LE then proceeded to say there was no missing dog reports. Hence the dog running in circles. The owners used to live on a street near us, but they got moved to a new area. (Hey guess what? They are going to be tearing down houses near us. AGAIN. Meaning I'll have to spend a second year dealing with loud, clanking contrstuction vehicles, large booms, and loads of dust. Again. I was so happy to move to this house, away from the contrsuction! Boo.)

His real name was Loki. Caayn said that he was very happy to see his owner, and to be called by the right name again, lol. I'm so glad that we were able to get him back with his family. So very glad. Doing things like that make me warm and fuzzy feeling. Sully was a little distraut when he woke up though. He couldn't understand why Big Boy wasn't running around, and he couldn't understand that he was only visiting and that he has gone back home now... He did like the big fluffy dog.

And me? I'm not sad to see him go. I reverse the situation and put me and Achilles in their shoes. I would be so grateful to someone for providing him with a nice place to sleep, feeding him, etc. And I would be over the moon to have the delight of my heart back (hehe, I always call him silly things like that, and delight of my heart is even funnier--it calls to mind some sort of fancy dessert, topped with whipped cream and a cherry). How could you be sad to give that to someone? It's also a little strange, realizing I've grown up so much. As a kid, we had strays a lot, and my mom always did what she could to get them back home. There was one in particular I loved. I named him Blaine and he was the sweetest little dog... one day (probably only a day or two later, but it felt like weeks), his owners were found. His name was Poppet. I ran away from the house, not wanting to see them take him back. Back then, I would have gladly kept all the animals, even if it caused other people pain, because children don't see beyond themselves.

Alls well that ends well!

Now, if someone could kindly tell Mr. L that when he uses his toe to draw designs on my uterus, it really really hurts and looks like he is attempting to cut his way out.

Oh, and I totally figured out what I want for my birthday. An iPod. (Yes, I discuss this stuff with Caayn, so there is rarely surprises when it comes to gifts, hehe.) If he got it early, I could use it during labor to listen to music (I think I want the kind of music with bongos and pipes and didjuridos--uhhh, no clue how to spell that--... Don't know what it would be called by genre though. My aunt and uncle used to play that sort of music in their store, and it was awesome. They even sold some of those didjurido thingies, and it was a blast trying to figure out how to play it. I don't think any of us ever succeeded, lol. Digressing... And even if he didn't get it early, I would be able to use it at the gym. Since I am supposed to live at the gym from December until at least March... Gotta be in shape if I want to have a tummy tuck. (Yes, I am that vain. I am unable to accept the belly that I was left with after Sully's birth, and I don't like to think what it will look like after a second.)

Anyway. Geez. This was supposed to be an update on Big Boy, not some huge ol' thing... I seem unable to do that too. I have too many words that need to be let out!