27 October 2007

October 27th ROCKS!

Welcome to my most favorite day of the year!

Currently it is almost 11am and the temperature here is still below freezing. It was 30 when I got up at 9, just now turned 31... Oi! What few trees left with leaves are now a nice shade of yellow against the blue sky. I love when the sky turns a deep blue in the middle of the day; with yellow leaves against it, it's absolutely gorgeous. I took a picture showing exactly those things last year, but it's buried somewhere among the hundreds of developed film packs we have.

This is the day I wish wish wish Mr. L would be born on. If he isn't though, I won't be upset. It would, however, be nice to meet him. Night time is the worst--rolling over in bed takes 5 minutes, punctuated with a lot of groans, moans and yelps from me as various bones and joints in my pelvic, hip and lower back area, settle. At one point I was attempting to get out of bed and moved a leg too far (I have pubic symphasis dysfunction, which means my pelvic joints are a little too separated causing mucho pain) and definitely was on the verge of tears. OWie. So the sooner I meet him, the more excited I'll be, lol.

We've settled on a way to get Athena. We're just going to pick a weekend some point after the baby is born and go then. Yes, I'll be very post partum and there will be a tiny wee one who needs frequent diaper changes (and hopefully no out of the diaper stuff) and frequent feedings... but it'll be worth it to round the family out.

Caayn is on leave now, which means we'll have lots of time to hang out! That's always a good thing.

Next midwife appointment is on Tuesday.

Watched The Devil Wears Prada last night... it was okay. Except for the fact within 5 minutes of watching it, I turned to Caayn and listed plot points. Unfashionable girl gets fashion job. Becomes fashionable. Boyfriend leaves her. Becomes unfashionable. Gets back with boyfriend.

Secretly I'm really into fashion. I like the idea of it, even if I don't participate in it myself. (I'm not hip.) Growing up, I desperately wanted to be a model. My grandma gave me two books from the 70s about modelling. I devoured them. (Uh, for the record, my grandma used to sell really awesome makeup and my aunt was a model for a little while, so its not like she went to a store and dug out creepy books, lol.) I went to scouting events, and once was even chosen... but my grandma, who I was living with at the time, wouldn't let me spend the money I needed on head shots and various expenses. I doubt I'd have made it anyway--I'm 5'4", which is pretty much too short. Plus my face is crooked (one side is narrower than the other) and my teeth are crooked... so yeah... but still... was a very fun dream to have.

Not sure what to rate the movie though... wasn't very funny, was very predictable, no hot girls OR boys... I'd probably say don't watch it unless you really have some time to murder, because it's just another mindless drivel sort of movie.


Patience-please said...

Better to get pup after baby comes! Good plan. Rest up while you can!

all the best-

bella said...

I hope this little one comes to you, whatever time it happens to be, as sweetness and light.
thinking of you.