16 October 2007

Watch Out--Another Long Post

I hate the radio! Don't Fear the Reaper just came on... I swear, it's like a moth to a flame for me. It makes my fingers itch to grab The Stand. I start missing the characters, the plot lines. However, I have like 3 books I'm reading right now, and then Caayn wants me to read all of his book. Not to mention, my copy of The Stand has seen it's last days. I need to buy a new one.

My Moby wrap got here yesterday. It's so darn big! I swear, it's like 12' of fabric. From what I can tell, you have to keep it folded in half, and if the material weren't stretchy, I'd be inclined to stitch it shut. It's fun though! I used Caayn as a mannequin and tried it out on him with a Doodle Bear as a baby. He said he felt silly, but I think with more practice, he'll get used to it. Me too. I felt like I wasn't doing it right, since the part that goes across your lower belly would be lose and floppy, but if I tightened it, it would ride up. I'm going to keep practicing (when Sully is napping, definitely) though, so I at least have an idea as to what I am doing, hehe. I like it though, the fabric is so soft!

Midwife appt yesterday. I seemed to have gained 6 lbs in two weeks. Apparently that 2 lbs I gained previously wasn't acceptable and I had to make up for it. I start going weekly now, so my next appt is Monday. I did ask her to check me (I want to know if all these contractions are actually doing anything), but she 'didn't want to stir anything up' and said I'd be checked when I was 36 weeks. Kind of silly, since a) my OB last pregnancy checked me literally every appt (oi) and b) I was already half way through the 35th week. :P So I'll have an update on that front next week. Oh! She also left my chart open on the computer when she left, so I checked it out. I already knew what was in it, but it was interesting to see that things were marked like they were. The time I went to the hospital was marked as me having many signs of pre-term labor. And the following two appts were noted as me having occasional signs. Drives me crazy. If they thought in any way my contractions were some sort of PTL, you think they would have been asking more about it, rather than saying I just happen to be one of those women who will contract.

I've mentioned in the past that I'm studying medical claims and billing, with at home lessons that I can do whenever I want. Well, I've sort of taken a break since last January. Mostly because it is impossible for me to find time to focus on that with Sully around, and then once Caayn comes home, I end up talking his ear off until we go to bed.

I decided that I wanted to finish it up, since I am pretty close now. I have like 10 lessons left. Plus, I'll have paid off the course this January and it'd be nice to get it finished before then. So I bust out all my binders and notes and highlights and pens and paper, and start reviewing stuff so I'd have an idea as to what was going on when I got to where I'd stopped. Apparently I had stopped without sending in my last test (uh, silly?!) and that I had worked half way through the next lesson and then stopped. (At the time I was working at the juice bar in the gym and was whipping through this stuff during my otherwise unoccupied 6 hours.) I finished up that lesson, sent in its test too... Only to find out that I could go no further. I didn't have my CPT manual, (Current Procedural Terminology). I ordered it and another book to replace the silly thing they included but took huge chunks out of. I keep thinking that if I had just finished that lesson last Jan. I would have discovered this so much sooner and would already have them. D'oh!

The silly thing is, I totally love doing this. It's a little sad to think that I won't get a chance to find a job for it for a long time. I don't intend on putting my newborn in daycare. So it'll probably be 3 or 4 years now, before I can use all this knowledge. Which blows, because by then, I'm sure a lot of what I know will have changed. Oh well.

Wednesday is Jimmy's birthday, and I've been informed no baby on Wednesday. I've now assumed that this has jinxed me. I can see myself going into spontaneous labor today, tomorrow or Thursday. I'd laugh.

Wait. My birthday is coming up too. Ick. Ah crap, my MOM's birthday is coming up soon too. And then like everyone in my family. Could someone remind Mr. L that this was why I didn't want a baby in November? That month is like a mine field, pocked here and there with birthdays. Dangerous stuff!

Also, is it just me or has October been flying by? This is my most favorite month, and it's already half over. What the heck? I'd really like Mr. L to put in an appearance before it's over. Especially since Caayn will be all busy with his school thing starting a week into November. I'd like at least a little time to adjust to being a momma of two + two [dogs]. And I don't want him to miss any of the school, because he needs it to get promoted, and I don't want that to get delayed.

Ah well. I'm going to go appreciate how wonderful each date sounds with the word October in front of it, or a number 10 in front. (Oh, and I am secretly, secretly, hoping that the baby comes on the 27th. That's just the most awesome. This is secret info, of course, because that does put me with very little time to make the adjustment before Caayn starts class.)


Em-A-Roo said...

I just watched part of The Stand the other day! Do you read the Dark Tower Series? I've heard a rumor that there is a MOVIE! coming out in 2010. Who would play Roland?! Ugh, I can't imagine.

Also - I love the radio because every time I hear one of my favorite songs it's like winning the lottery. Even though I could listen to that song ANYTIME I wanted to on my iPod.

Also - I agree October needs to SLOW DOWN. My maternity leave is up on the 29th. Ugh.

Leigh said...

Yay for the Moby! It IS alot of fabric but you will get used to it quickly. This video on YouTube was especially helpful for me to understand how to wrap it properly:
I'm not sure what you mean about it folding in half, though?...
Anyways, you'll get tons of use of it.
Wow, you are having contractions, eh? Your body is working to bring your sweet baby down, which is SO exciting. Get some rest and keep us posted. :)

Momma_Phoenix said...

I love The Stand movie! I usually watch it if I feel the need to read the book and don't want to. Love the Dark Tower series (I've read almost all of King's books)! And I totally nominate Mike Rowe as Roland.

Thank you for the video Leigh! I read in either the manual or the site online that the fabric was supposed to be folded with the stitched seams together? Or maybe just folded right there where the tag is.

Yep, stuff is definitely going on in there! And the funny thing is I keep having all sorts of labor dreams, then when I wake up I can't figure out if any of it happened or not, lol!